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共通特論XIX − 英語による栄養学・アドバンスコース − Catharine Ross・香川靖雄・香川雅春
副題:Obesity & Metabolism



No. 項目 内容 pdf
1 2017/09/29 Adipose tissue as a dynamic active tissue
The anatomy of adipose tissue and how it undergoes biochemical and cellular changes during the onset of obesity. ダウンロード
2 2017/10/06 Inflammation in adipose tissue動画 The origin and types of inflammatory cells associated with obesity. ダウンロード
3 2017/10/13 “Danger signals” and Toll-like receptors動画 The rolls of “danger signal” and Toll-like receptor (TLR) on the onset of obesity and inflammation. ダウンロード
4 2017/10/20 Lipid and glucose metabolism in adipose tissue and skeletal muscle動画 The changes that occur in 3 types of adipose tissues (white, brown, “beige”) during obesity. Various adipokines and their functions. ダウンロード
5 2017/10/27 Effects of obesity on the liver動画 The role of excess adipose tissue as a cause of stress, that can promote the development of fatty liver disease. ダウンロード
6 2017/11/03 Review and Explanation of Lesson 1-5動画 Review of the past 5 lessons to ensure the understanding and answering of questions. ダウンロード
7 2017/11/10 Principles of glucose metabolism related to inflammation動画 Glycolysis and gluconeogenesis as well as alternative pathways for the metabolism of glucose and other hexoses. ダウンロード
8 2017/11/17 Roles of diet and AGE compounds in the progression of atherosclerosis動画 The progression of disease from early age (fatty streaks) to later formation of fibrous plaque. The role of oxidative damage in this process. ダウンロード
9 2017/11/24 Receptors in vascular disease動画 The receptors involved in lipid, lipoprotein, free fatty acid and advanced glycation end-product metabolism, as factors in vascular disease. ダウンロード
10 2017/12/01 Diet and coronary heart disease動画 Different types of dietary patterns that may either promote or limit the progression of vascular disease. ダウンロード
11 2017/12/08 Lipid oxidation動画 Reverse Cholesterol Transport, the role of high-density lipoproteins, and how the cholesterol taken up by the liver is converted to bile acids for excretion. ダウンロード
12 2017/12/15 Fatty acids動画 Categories of fatty acids and their functions; oxidation, modification and n-3/n-6 amounts and ratio in the diet ダウンロード
13 2017/12/22 The structure and functions of the small intestine inflammation caused by food sensitivities (gluten)動画 The development of the intestine, cell types, tight junctions and intestinal integrity; mucin production, and the roles of specialized cells (immune and endocrine). ダウンロード
14 2018/01/19 Regulation of intestinal motility and influence of diet動画 The enteric nervous system, the role of diet in aiding motility, and the importance of microbiota and appropriate signaling to maintain gut health. ダウンロード
15 2018/01/26 Summing up and integrating course knowledge動画 The holistic, integrative review of the course, and discussion on the key take-away points from the course. ダウンロード