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共通特論XVI − 栄養学の背景に関する英語による講義 − 香川雅春・五明紀春 他



No. 項目 担当者 内容 pdf
1 A Miracle of Food Diversity
磯田厚子 Diversity of food culture in the world and its implications. ダウンロード
2 Lets read Nutrition Reviews
香川靖雄 Nutritional interpretation of folic acid interventions. ダウンロード
3 Why do we eat, drink and breathe ?
立屋敷哲 Most basic parts of nutrition science will be discussed. ダウンロード
4 Human Genome and Nutrition
佐久間慶子 Genome information is advancing the nutritional science ダウンロード
5 About Human Development
平田裕美 To understand and improve the lives of people of all ages in relationships, families, organizations and communities. ダウンロード
6 Sexuality education in puberty
橋本紀子 Difference of sexuality education between Europe and Japan will be presented. ダウンロード
7 Dietary guidelines and food guides in the world
衛藤久美 Introducing dietary guidelines and food guides in foreign countries and comparing with those in Japan. ダウンロード
8 School-Based "Shokuiku" Project
武藤志真子 International exchange between Japan and Korea, Japan and Thai schools. ダウンロード
9 The International System of Units
山内喜昭 Why unit of energy, kJ is listed in Food Composition? ダウンロード
10 Body image and health risks
香川雅春 Understand the concept of "body image" and related health risks. ダウンロード
11 Listening to known contents
渋谷まさと Basic contents previewed in Japanese will be presented in English.  
12 Dietary Life and Environment
井元りえ Let's think about relationships between our dietary life and environment. ダウンロード
13 Food insecurity and Nutrition
武見ゆかり Food insecurity and its influence on nutrition in the community. ダウンロード
14 The Food Marketing
高城孝助 Study Food Industry and the basics of Marketing. ダウンロード
15 Summary and discussion
香川雅春 Summarizing the scope of the unit and discussion.