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Welcome to Open Course Ware of Kagawa Nutrition University!

Our university, which is rich in educational materials on nutrition, has joined this free website to present some of our resources. It is our hope that you will go back to the basics and deepen your knowledge on health, environment, and food culture through this site.


  • August 31th, 2007Kagawa Nutrition University enrolled JOCW
  • July 7th, 2007Applied to JOCW for admission
  • July 7th, 200739th Conference of APACPH will be held at Sakado Campus
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Greetings from Yoshiko Kagawa, the President of the University

We have studied 'the prevention of disease and the support and promotion of our health with the right dietary life' and have been spreading our knowledge since the establishment in 1933. With the key words 'diet', 'nutrition' and 'health', we also have educated people that can contribute to the society. With the tradition and pride as an academic leader in nutrition, we open our lecture materials on this site to the public. Through this site, we hope that you learn and put into practice the ideas of our university; 'good dietary life leads to your health'.